Preparatory Course For Hungarian Citizenship (mns. egyéb okt. 8559)


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(Minimum B2 level is required)

Students who would like to receive Hungarian Citizenship must take an exam called: Alkotmányos alapismeretek (Basic Studies of Constitution). This exam has both an oral and a written part. We help our students to be ready for this citizenship test. The syllabus is planned based on the required book called: Alkotományos alapismeretek, written by Ugróczky Mária. We try to make this difficult topic more comprehensible in the classes by using PowerPoints, handouts, pictures and videos, and audio materials. The students have the possibility to follow the syllabus at their own tempo and to deepen their knowledge about Hungarian culture, history, geography, and law.

Number of lessons: 46
Number of days: 24
Duration of course: 12 weeks
Lessons per day: 2*45 min
Type of course/lesson: In-person
Price per lesson: 1673.9 huf
Price of the course: 77000 huf


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