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"Started learning Hungarian around this time Last year with Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi school and now I can read storybooks. So proud of myself because it's not an easy language. Büszke vagyok rám."
Anne, Kenya
“I just loved Zsuzsi! Her structured way of teaching, her dynamic personality, her understanding. I would like to thank Zsuzsi and her team with all my heart and spirit for their amazing job. A beautiful learning experience, it is absolutely worth it!”
Evangelia, Greece
"Sziasztok Srácok! I know Zsuzsi since 2016 and I still learn in her school, I think it is already the best recommendation. 😊 Zsuzsi keeps me motivated by the positive atmosphere during classes and she pays attention to personal needs even during group classes so we are not scared to ask if we need more explanations or we want to discover a new topic. Since first-class, she tried to explain everything in Hungarian what forces me to use only Hungarian during her lessons. Do not hesitate to contact Zsuzsi and her team about your new course and just see how much heart and energy they put to every lesson."
Magda, Poland
" In my long Hungarian learning journey, I have met many different teachers and schools. Zsuzsi is, by far, the best Hungarian teacher I have had, and ever will. She is patient, fun and at the same really professional. She has really structured methods, a lot of extra material on many different topics, and the flexibility to help you develop the language in those areas where you most need it. "
Pablo, Spain
"From studying under Zsuzsi and her team, I was confident and greatly prepared for my Hungarian citizenship language interview. I highly recommend Hungarian Lesson with Zsuszi!"
Bart, US