How to register?

  • 1. If you register for a non-beginner group and you did not take the previous level with us, please take the relevant placement test. If we are still not sure of your speaking part you might need to have an online 15 minutes long conversation where we can determine your speaking skills as well.
  • 2. If you register for a course (not for one to one lessons) please check out what expected courses / current courses we have. (Expected courses)
  • 3. Please read the Terms and Conditions here.
  • 4. Please confirm your registration as a new student via email with us before you purchase any courses or packages. 
  • 5. Please complete your registration and payment through our website. No more paper paperwork! 🙂
  • 6. Receive an invoice from the language center via email.
  • 7. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions via email. 
  • 8. Our client service and teachers will send you information and Zoom links via email.
  • 9. Enjoy your language studies! 🙂