About Learning Hungarian

Who We Are?

Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi Language Centre and Consultancy is a school in the centre of Budapest providing Hungarian language courses and private lessons. We are a team of qualified and experienced teachers and our lessons are entertaining, informative, and conversational. We are one of the first language institutes in Budapest specialized in teaching Hungarian as a foreign language. 

about hungarian lesson with szuzsi
about hungarian lesson with szuzsi

Why us?

We have been around for 15 years and we are still here to give you a fantastic experience with quality teaching that gets results. We work with teachers who have been selected to meet the requirements and standards of modern teaching. We do not only teach grammar, we also pay attention to other skills like listening and speaking. Our motto is derived from the famous Hungarian polyglot and translator Kató Lomb: “A foreign language is like a castle. It’s advisable to besiege it from all directions.”

A Few Words About Learning Hungarian

Our Story

about hungarian lesson with szuzsi
Sziasztok! This is Zsuzsi the creator of Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi and I would like to tell you how I built this very popular school.
In 2015, I launched a free online video series called Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi, in which I try to help Hungarian learners with free short Hungarian language lessons.
But we have to go back to 2010 as I have been teaching Hungarian as a foreign language since I received my degree at the University of Pannonia at the Department of Hungarian Language and Literature and Theater Studies, where I also obtained a pedagogical qualification.
After graduating I started working in various language schools, but after a while, I realized that I would like to provide a different strategy and higher quality of education. So I decided to work as a freelancer in 2015 and since I was also very lucky to be able to set up Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi, a language school that provides online services and offline lessons in the center of Budapest.
Our approach is a speech-focused way of learning Hungarian lessons, We try to provide students with useful knowledge and prepare them to take their place in a Hungarian-speaking environment. In these lessons, we mainly speak Hungarian. My theater studies at the university and acting in a theater for a while allowing me to make my classes interesting with creative assignments, situational games, drama plays, and dialogues.

Our Team

Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi is a team of dedicated and passionate teachers based in Hungary. Our experienced language teachers shape our courses and private lessons with their passion for creating a positive learning environment. Over the years our team of knowledgeable teachers have taught Hungarian to many students from all over the world. Our school can proudly say we have been a very popular choice of learning the Hungarian language both online and in-school environments.


Zsuzsanna Ürögdi

Founder - CEO
: since 2010
Education: Hungarian Language and Literature (Master), Theatre Studies (Master),
Teacher Qualification
Spoken languages: Hungarian – native, English C1, German – A2-B1, Italian – A1-A2



Teaching: since 2005
Education: Hungarian Language and Literature (Master)
Teacher Qualification: Hungarian as a Foreign Language Teacher (Postgraduate)
Spoken languages: Hungarian – native, English – B2, German – B2



Teaching: since 2016
Education: Hungarian Language and Literature / Ethics (Bachelor), Hungaristics (Master), Hungarian as Foreign Language Teacher (Postgraduate)



Teaching: since 2014
Education: Psychology (MA), Teacher Qualification: Hungarian Primary School Teacher and English as a Foreign Language Teacher
Spoken languages: Hungarian – native, English – C2, German – B1

Zsuzsi A.

Zsuzsi A.

Teaching: since 2020
Education: Anglistics (Bachelor), English Applied Linguistics (Master), Applied Linguistic (PHD) – present
Spoken languages: Hungarian – native, English – C2, German – B1, Norwegian – B1

Benjámin K

Benjámin K

Teaching: since 2018
Education: Teacher of Hungarian Language and Literature / Drama and Theater in Education (Master)
Spoken languages:Hungarian-native, English B2, Greek B1-B2, Estonian A1-A2

Andrea Gősi

My qualifications: 2002 – 2006 University of Szeged Gyula Juhász Teacher’s Training College Majors: English – IT; 2022. Weci Institute - TEFL certificate. Currently, I am working in a bilingual school where I teach IT in English. I speak Hungarian (native) and English (C1). I can speak a little Spanish (somewhere between Starter and A1) and I've just started Chinese (mandarin, simplified).

Judit Szabo

Teaching: since 2018 Education: Environmental Toxicology (PhD), Ecology (Master) Spoken languages: Hungarian – native, English – C2, Portuguese – C2, Spanish – C2, French – B2, Russian – B2, Korean – B1, Hebrew – A2 NAATI certified English-Hungarian translator, Portuguese-English, Hungarian-English scientific translator Teaching: Hungarian, English, Brazilian Portuguese

József Dancsa

József has a great sense for languages: he has learnt Spanish, Italian and Russian. He graduated from the State University of Voronezh. He really loves Hungarian and Hungarian grammar, that is why he decided to teach this beautiful language.

Dora Suba

As a teacher with MA degree in English Language and Literature and 15+ years of experience, I offer general and business language (from basic to advanced), preparation for school-leaving exams, job interviews, as well as tutoring and catching up with secondary school students. I also speak Italian and Spanish on A2 level, enjoy working with people from different cultural background.

Gabriella Labancz

Teaching: since 1997 Education: Teacher of Hungarian Language and Literature – MSc, Italian as a Foreign Language Teacher – BSc; Ethnography - MSc Spoken languages: Hungarian – native, Italian – C1, English – B2, Spanish – A2

Anna Szakács

I'm a language enthusiast with a BA in World Languages from UCC in Ireland and a TEFL certificate from Tefl.org. I've spent the last 5 years living abroad in Italy, Ireland and France. Fluent in Hungarian (native), English (C2), and proficient in French (B2) and Italian (A2), I work as an online language teacher. When it comes to Hungarian, I specialize in conversation lessons and lessons for beginners.

Eszter Adam

Education: Intercultural Studies (MA), Hungarian Studies (MA) and Hungarian as Foreign Language Teacher (MA). My love for the Hungarian Language and Culture makes me a good teacher. I am looking forward to starting our Hungarian language journey together. My hobbies are: movies, books, travelling and sports. I am native Hungarian, speak English (C1,) French (B2) and Spanish (A2).


Hungarian is a challenging language, however, not impossible to learn. I am offering classes that are completely tailored to your specific necessities and wishes in order to give you the best experience. Moreover, I am speaking several other languages and actively learning new ones, so I know exactly the challenges that you might face. Spoken languages: Hungarian- native, Romanian - native, English C1, Spanish C1 Education: English and American Studies (BA), DIR (Msc), Entrenamiento y Nutrtición Deportiva (Msc)"

Virag K-M. virtual assistant

Virag is the virtual assistant of the Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi team. Education: Hungarian Literature and Grammar BA, Applied Linguistics MA Spoken languages: English – B2, German – A1, Japanese – B2 (JLPT N3) You can find her on the following website too if you are looking for a virtual assistant or copywriter: https://magashazivirag.hu/